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20 September 1980
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Just your average, geeky government worker bee.

[OOC: Chris is a young woman in her early thirties. Standing at about 5'6, she's slender with dark hair and green eyes like her father. She entered Milliway one year after her father's death.]

Updated: Chris has been in Milliways for nearly two years. She's still involved with Jack Bauer [action_antihero] and still takes every chance she gets to visit her father [Ryan Chappelle, _chappy_] when in Milliways. On the outside, she works at CTU: LA.

Chris Chappelle is from the book House Findings at CTU and is the property of Marc Cerasini, Real Time Productions and Fox. I am not affiliated with them nor the actor (Rose Byrne) who I am using to portray Chris Chappelle. No porfit is being made from this.

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